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This picture was taken after the space between the keel and the stub had been cleaned out. You can actually see daylight through the crack and, if you look carefully, the four keel bolts are just visible as shadows in the gap. (The aft one is just forward of the jackstand.)

Because the keel bolts evidently didn't match the location of the holes in the stub, even when the keel bolts were snugged up, the keel only contacted the hull at the very forward end and at the exteme aft end. There was no side to side support whatsoever. If the joint had been designed without the droop at the forward end, it wouldn't have mattered if the holes were not perfectly aligned. Perhaps this was changed in later models???

The trailing edge of the keel in the picture above is as we found it. The lower portion is obviously not original. Our best guess is that she was hauled and set down with a block under the trailing edge which probably collapsed. This was someone's attempt to patch it up.

As we stripped away the various layers of fiberglass bandages, the aft section of the keel eventually came off too. It was full of voids, weak foam filler of some sort, and water. We rebuilt it in solid glass and epoxy and it now pretty well matches the factory drawings in profile.

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