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1976 Newport 28, #CPY282180576

MAJACA is our second boat. The first was a 1975 Tartan 34 that we owned from about 1986 to 1992. That boat was a gem and many times we have regretted selling her - but the kids were going off to school and not interested in sailing any more and, of course, money is always an issue. Now that the kids are grown and out of school, sailing looks much more interesting again to all of us. (We have since visited her again and she is in good hands in Bucks Harbor, Maine.)

We had kept a social membership at our old club (The Centerboard Yacht Club in South Portland, Maine) so we were at the head of the list for a mooring space. As it worked out, we had the mooring in the water for a year before we ever got the boat on it.

First Sight in Tiverton We found Majaca through some friends in Rhode Island who thought she needed a new home. She had been on jack stands, uncovered, for two years. When we saw her, the water in her bilge was leaking out of the crack between her keel and the keel stub. But the interior looked reasonable - very similar to our Tartan, except everything was a bit shorter - and the deck and hull appeared to be sound. We did not have her surveyed. The price was right ($4000 - the accumulated yard fees), so she came home to Maine in August of 1998. We knew that we had a lot to do, so we had her brought right to our home where it would be much more convenient to work on her.

We had toyed with the idea of sailing her from Rhode Island to Maine. Fortunately we were not able to start the engine. If we had actually tried to launch her then, it would have been a disaster.

The following pages describe some of the work we have done to bring Majaca up to a reasonable level of comfort and sea-worthiness. Clicking on each of the small pictures should take you to a larger image and, in some cases, a bit more detailed description of the various projects. You can page through the text by hitting the next button or you can jump to specific pages by clicking on a topic.

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