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Aft Cabin - After Aft Cabin - Before

We pretty much gutted the interior at the aft end of the cabin. The original icebox had very little insulation (just 1/2" of balsa coring) and was difficult to access. The one nice feature was that you could load ice through the port cockpit locker. The only door was down low alongside the companionway stairs. There was also a small hatch in the counter surface. We removed all of the galley furniture. This opened up space for a new icebox on the port side. We moved the stove and sink to the starboard side. After we raised the bottom of the companionway (to help keep water from going below), the top step of the companionway is now at about the same height as the counters.

Icebox Galley The new icebox has 2" rigid insulation on all sides and sits roughly where the original was. It is accessible through two sliding covers on the top which double as counter space when closed. The sink and stove (we replaced the old Kenyon with an Origo) are now mounted on the starboard side with storage space underneath. We blocked access to the old quarterberth (which has been converted to a cockpit locker.) The old companionway stairs were dismantled and remounted on the new engine cover, saving nearly a foot of floor space in the galley area. The new top stair is hinged and covers a small utility storage area for parts and tools. Under that is a narrow panel for the engine and battery gauges.

We added a plywood deck on top of the existing fiberglass settees on both sides of the cabin to cover the holes we had made to install the batteries and the water tank. These extend a couple of inches beyond the glass inner liner. The cushions sit on plywood slides which have permanet legs on the inboard edge. When these are pulled out and the back cushion dropped into the gap against the side, they each form a comfortable single berth. We filled in the gap in the V berth, but it is really only useable by one normal sized adult or a couple of small kids. Maggie made up new cushions for the cabin berths with firm 4" foam. They are very comfortable for both sitting and sleeping.

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