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Breaker Panel

The new breaker panel replaces the original 6 toggle switches and fuses and also the original engine control panel and ammeter. It has 13 circuit breakers of which 11 are currently in use. The other 2 are spares for future use. The top 5 breakers all control lights, roughly arranged according to their location on the boat. That is, the top switch controls the anchor light and then steaming, foredeck, running and cabin lights. Next are the the radio and instrument breakers. Then the spare and the 12 volt outlets and bilge pump. The bottom breaker is for the engine.

All of the breakers except the engine breaker get power from the house bus. The engine breaker, of course, receives its power from the engine bus.

The panel is made from 1/8" aluminum cut from an old speed limit sign that had been defaced and consigned to the local dump (aka 'swap shop'). We spray painted it to match the interior. The labeling was printed on self-adhesive transparent label stock on a good laser printer and then cut out and pasted to the panel.

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last modified: February 12, 2021