Original Shop, about 1960

Electric Motor Rewind Service

The Moir Company, Inc. specializes in the rewinding of electric motor armatures, fields, and stators as a sub-contractor to motor repair shops all over the United States and Canada. The company was started nearly 50 years ago primarily to rewind power tool armatures and fields. Over the years, we have expanded both our shop and the range of rewinds that we do. Our work now includes armatures from sub-fractional up to about 15 HP as well as fields and stators from sub-fractional up to 5 HP. We have developed a ‘production line’ approach to rewinding that allows us to keep costs to a minimum while maintaining high quality and quick turnarounds.

We can handle most any round wire, mush wound armature with shaft lengths up to 32 inches and diameters to 8 inches. Stators and fields can be up to about 15 inches OD. The weight of any individual piece should be less than 150 pounds. We do not do any form coil, pin coil, square wire or layer winding work. Please note that we are rewinders only. We do not have the facilities, the inventory or the manpower to handle complete motor repairs.

Expanded Shop and Office, about 1990

Our normal turnaround time is 1 to 2 weeks. In case of an emergency, expedited service is available, on request, for an additional charge. We ‘recognize’ 3 classes of emergency: RUSH, RUSH-RUSH, and RUSH-RUSH-OTA. There are real differences in the amount of time and labor that must be spent to handle this work outside the normal flow of production, and they are billed accordingly. A ‘single RUSH’ normally will be shipped in less than a week, a ‘double RUSH’ in 2 or 3 work days and a ‘RR-OTA’ in 1 or 2 work days.

Over the last several years, we have created a computer database with ten’s of thousands of entries that allows us to give fast quotes and estimates. Before you call, count the bars in the commutator and the slots in the laminations. Measure, as accurately as possible, the OD (or bore, for stators and fields) and length of the lamination stack. It is also helpful to measure the brush diameter and bar length of the comm. With this information, we can quickly determine whether we have wound anything like it before and what the costs will be. Nameplate data is helpful but is not sufficient to accurately estimate a job. The easiest way to gather the necessary information is to fill out our estimating form (.pdf) and then email or fax it to us. Our toll free fax number is (888-452-1048). We will normally send back the estimate within an hour or so.

Unless instructed otherwise, we include our invoice on the outside of the box so you can bill your customer without delay. Please warn your receiving people that this is the invoice, not just a packing slip! We are not equipped to send regular statements, so please pay from the invoice: NET 30 days, no discounts. New accounts are COD. We will grant open account status to most motor shops after a credit check. Ask for a credit application or print one from the link below. We also accept VISA and MasterCard. Any account over 60 days past due will revert automatically to COD.

If you are traveling in Maine or New England, please plan to stop by and see us. We are only an hour from Portland and about 3 hours from Boston. We’ll be happy to give motor shop people a tour of our shop. If that isn’t enough inducement to visit us, there are also a dozen lakes in Denmark alone and some of the best skiing in the East within an hour’s drive. (For those who are so inclined, there is also world class discount shopping half an hour away in North Conway, New Hampshire or a little over an hour away in Freeport, Maine.)

Please call if you have any questions about our rewinding service. We look forward to helping you with your motor rewind needs.

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